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Friday, February 3, 2017

[TE3.0] Investor Lifestyle

Tiyo Experiment 3.0: Investor Lifestyle - Let your money work for you

Letting your money work for you through investing and maximizing the power of compound interest.

Lifestyle Income Potential

Having 12M in an investment vehicle (like stock market or mutual funds). 
At 10% interest per year:
12M x 10% per year = 1.2M/year 
1.2M / 12 months = 100T/mo in lifestyle income

Advantages of an Investor

Challenges of an Investor

Skills Needed as an Investor

Lessons and Learning so Far

Before getting into any type of investment, it is very important that we first build a solid financial foundation. Below is an email course to determine if we are ready to dive into investing!

Financial Check-up email course:

Lesson 1: Understanding The Importance Of Saving
Lesson 2: Saving the right way versus the wrong way
Lesson 3: Understanding different financial products and services
Lesson 4: Recommended investment program for beginners
Lesson 5: Action Plan


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