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Friday, February 3, 2017

[TE5.0] Online Marketer Lifestyle

Tiyo Experiment 5.0: Online Marketer Lifestyle
Online Marketer

Promoting your products and services online using an automated selling system.

Lifestyle Income Potential 

By building a massive email list you can virtually sell and earn anything online.

1. Let’s say we have 25,000 subscribers
2. Then, we promote a product in our email list
3. Each product sale will give you ~ P1,000 in commission.
4. Assuming only 20% open the emails so that’s 5,000 opened emails
5. 20% of 5,000 clicked the link so that’s 1,000 clicks
6. 10% of the 1,000 resulted into sales so that’s 100.
7. 100 sales x P1,000 per sale = that’s a whopping 100,000 in commission!

The same 25,000 list, you can sell another product.

Advantages of an Online Marketer

Challenges of an Online Marketer 

Skills Needed as an Online Marketer

Lessons and Learning so Far

1. Online Selling Machine Course

Lesson 1: Big Vision in an Online Business
Lesson 2: Online Master Plan
Lesson 3: Online Business Tools
Lesson 4: Domination Strategy
Lesson 5: Action Plan

[TE4.0] Online Trainer Lifestyle

Tiyo Experiment 4.0: Online Trainer Lifestyle

[TE3.0] Investor Lifestyle

Tiyo Experiment 3.0: Investor Lifestyle - Let your money work for you

Letting your money work for you through investing and maximizing the power of compound interest.

Lifestyle Income Potential

Having 12M in an investment vehicle (like stock market or mutual funds). 
At 10% interest per year:
12M x 10% per year = 1.2M/year 
1.2M / 12 months = 100T/mo in lifestyle income

Advantages of an Investor

Challenges of an Investor

Skills Needed as an Investor

Lessons and Learning so Far

Before getting into any type of investment, it is very important that we first build a solid financial foundation. Below is an email course to determine if we are ready to dive into investing!

Financial Check-up email course:

Lesson 1: Understanding The Importance Of Saving
Lesson 2: Saving the right way versus the wrong way
Lesson 3: Understanding different financial products and services
Lesson 4: Recommended investment program for beginners
Lesson 5: Action Plan

[TE2.0] Blogger Lifestyle through Ads

Tiyo Experiment 2.0: Blogger Lifestyle through Ads

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[TE1.0] Financial Trainer Lifestyle

Tiyo Experiment 1.0: Financial Trainer
Financial Trainer

Teaching people about personal finance, business and investments. You make money by teaching people how to save and invest.

You can also build a team of financial trainers (called Senior Marketing Directors or SMD's) and earn royalty income from them.

Lifestyle Income Potential

By training and building 10 direct SMD's (all earning 50K per month), you will be earning 10K per SMD in royalty income with a total of 100K per month in lifestyle or passive income.

Advantages of a Financial Trainer

1. Time + Income Freedom - you can choose to work anytime, anywhere and can decide how much you want to earn.

2. Career with a mission - teaching people how to save and invest the right way. A very noble career.

3. Potential source of passive income. When you build a team of financial trainer under you who can also close, you will earn over-riding commissions. When you also build a portfolio of clients paying and consistently saving every month, you will also earn residual income.

4. No inventory, no quota, no products that will expire. And your greatest asset is what you know and how you share or deliver it to people.

Challenges of a Financial Trainer

1. Tough start-up: needs to learn about handling rejections and criticism, learn selling and marketing skills, and tough market to start with - since most people don't like to save and invest (but rather spend.)

2. High level of responsibility. Since you are making a person invest in a savings program, it's your responsibility to make sure your client gets the best benefit including your personal service and care.

3. Building a team is challenging as you are dealing with people. Not all people will want to do the career. You can't force people. Thus, your business is partly dependent on how well you deal with people.

4. Needs a lot of dedication. Especially for meetings and seminars. Meetings can sometimes last until midnight.

Skills Needed as a Financial Trainer

1. Prospecting skills - phone calls, asking referrals, marketing and turning strangers into friends
2. Presentation skills - building rapport, one-on-one presentation or group presentation (a big +)
3. Skills in selling, closing, and handling objections
4. Follow-up and monitoring
5. Team building and leadership

Lessons and Learning so Far

1. Train the Trainer Course:

Module 1: Sharelist and Prospecting
Part 1: People Business: The Raw Material in your Business
Part 2: How to Qualify your prospects using MACHODA
Part 3: Four Areas in Prospecting

Module 2: Approach and Presentation
Part 1: Mistakes in Approaching our Prospects
Part 2: Approaching our Prospects the right way
Part 3: The Smarter way to Approach our Prospects

Module 3: Closing
Part 1: Roles and Psychology in a presentation
Part 2: How to Close


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