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Friday, February 3, 2017

[TE5.0] Online Marketer Lifestyle

Tiyo Experiment 5.0: Online Marketer Lifestyle
Online Marketer

Promoting your products and services online using an automated selling system.

Lifestyle Income Potential 

By building a massive email list you can virtually sell and earn anything online.

1. Let’s say we have 25,000 subscribers
2. Then, we promote a product in our email list
3. Each product sale will give you ~ P1,000 in commission.
4. Assuming only 20% open the emails so that’s 5,000 opened emails
5. 20% of 5,000 clicked the link so that’s 1,000 clicks
6. 10% of the 1,000 resulted into sales so that’s 100.
7. 100 sales x P1,000 per sale = that’s a whopping 100,000 in commission!

The same 25,000 list, you can sell another product.

Advantages of an Online Marketer

Challenges of an Online Marketer 

Skills Needed as an Online Marketer

Lessons and Learning so Far

1. Online Selling Machine Course

Lesson 1: Big Vision in an Online Business
Lesson 2: Online Master Plan
Lesson 3: Online Business Tools
Lesson 4: Domination Strategy
Lesson 5: Action Plan


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